May 052011

Lance Henriksen, well known for his role of Frank Black in Millennium and X-Files, has released his biography Not Bad for a Human. Fans can order an autographed copy from the website.  The autographed book is $35 plus shipping and handling.

The book is 374 pages of stories and original artwork from Bill Sienkiewicz (“Elektra: Assassin”), Mike Mignola (“Hellboy”), Ashley Wood (“Metal Gear Solid”), Tim Bradstreet (“The Punisher”), Eric Powell (“The Goon”) and Tom Mandrake (“The Spectre”).

Reviews for Henriksen’s book are positive.  Brian Solomon of Fangoria says, “One of the finest autobiographies of a genre actor to come along in quite some time. Hardcore Henriksen fans will certainly be pleased, as will fans of good acting in general.”

Henriksen fans will also want to visit the auctions on ebay. Up for bids autographed scripts and a signed photo plus limited edition Mark Snow Millennium cd. Visit the auction here.

Apr 282011

Robert Patrick stars in “Good Day for It,” a drama also featuring Millennium star Lance Henriksen.  The premiere tickets are $40 for the movie, the party afterwards, and a Q&A session with Robert Patrick and Director Nick Stagliano.  The movie premieres at the Newport Beach Film Festival on Saturday, April 30.

XFiles’ Robert Patrick portrays Luke Cain, a father who stole money from a gang  in order to pay for his daughter’s heart surgery, then ran.  Now he’s back, and he’s been spotted.  The movie also features Hal Holbrook and Robert Englund.

Check out details for the premiere and a movie trailer here.

Mar 302011

Not Bad for a Human, the Lance Henriksen autobiography, will release in May.  The sure-to-be-fascinating book tells of Henriksen’s amazing career spanning almost fifty years, from Aliens to Millennium, which included a guest appearance on The X-Files as Frank Black.

The book, published by Bloody Pulp Books, will release on May 5th.

According to Hollywood Outbreak, fans can catch Henriksen on April 7th at Dark Delicacies in Burbank, CA for a fundraising event to raise money for Japan’s recovery.  On May 11th, he will return to do a book signing.

Nov 292010

December 1 marks the beginning of the “Back To Frank Black” charity auction on eBay. The proceeds from the auction will benefit the charity, Children of the Night.  This is a great find for both X-Files and Millennium fans – signed items include pieces from Lance Henriksen, Mark Snow, Darin Morgan, and Glen Morgan and Harry Wong.  Items for auction are

  • Sheet music of Millennium theme signed by Mark Snow
  • Millennium crew hat signed by Glen Morgan
  • Lance Henriksen’s script for the movie The Quick and the Dead
  • The complete series of Space: Above and Beyond on DVD signed by creator Glen Morgan, lead actress Kristen Cloke and actor James Morrison
  • Millennium Season Two box set signed by both producers Glen Morgan and James Wong, writer Darin Morgan and actress Kristen Cloke
  • Near Dark DVD signed by actor Lance Henriksen
Nov 152010

Lance Henriksen continues to delight fans and will star in tomorrow´s Castle 3×09 episode.  Phile’s will love the anticipated X-Files plugs and the alien context.  For instance, Castle intends to whistle the XFiles theme.  XFiles fans will immediately know him as Frank Black from Millennium series and the XFiles episode of Millennium. Henriksen has a massive body of work, including favorite such as Terminator and Aliens. A resurgence in Frank Black fans has fostered a campaign to bring a Frank Black movie to the big screen.

Sep 152010

Lance Henriksen, known for his role as Frank Black, is set to begin filming the SyFy movie “Gemini Rising.”  Henriksen portrays a general in the Marine Corp.

Henriksen may be best known to philes for his role in Millennium and for his guest appearance in The X-Files.  Renewed interest in the character has resulted in rumors of a possible Millennium movie and a vidding contest for Back to Frank Black. In addition to his movie work, Henriksen provides the voice of “Lockdown” in the animated Transformers and is featured in Verizon Droid telephone commercials.