Join us at XFiles Universe on June 1 in the XFU Chatroom to begin an official ReWatch of the first season of the stellar “The X-Files” series.  At 7:00 p.m. central time, members and non-members alike will meet to watch Pilot, and each succeeding Sunday will feature one episode played in order of the original airing.

The X-Files maintains a strong fanbase.  XFU adds new members weekly to the forums, with new fans and fans from the early days engaging in discussion about the series and the cast.

Airing from September 10, 1993 to May 19, 2002, the series aired for nine seasons and 202 episodes and made David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson into household names.

XFiles Universe (XFU) is a fan site begun in 2010.

What Culture released their top 10 list of Senseless TV Deaths and The Lone Gunmen’s shameful demise ranked at #9.

Author Matt Martindale writes: Having fulfilled his contractual obligations at the end of the previous season, David Duchovny appeared in no episodes except for the finale. This meant that Fox Mulder missed out on the last hurrah of his sidekicks, and that is another testament to how wrong the whole thing was. The Gunmen were Mulders’ support crew. When everyone else, even Scully didn’t believe, they were there backing him all the way so for them to die without Mulder there to pay tribute to them was spitting in the face of their very purpose on the show.

The death of The Lone Gunmen in the final weeks of The X-Files was a kick in the teeth to loyal fans.  The deaths carried no plot points further, did not tie up any lose ends, and in no way honored their contribution to the series.

The full article can be found HERE.

Attendees at the 2013 San Diego Comic Con get a special treat this year: a 20th Anniversary Reunion Panel with The X-Files!

David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, Chris Carter, and writer/producers David Amann, Vince Gilligan, Glen Morgan, John Shiban, Howard Gordan, Darin Morgan, and James Wong are all confirmed to attend.

This event will take place July 18th at 3:30 p.m. in Ballroom 20, the conference arena’s second largest space.

The X-Files Comic Book panel will be  July 19 from 1:45-2:45pmm with a Q&A session for the Season 10 series.  Gillian Anderson will also attend that, as well as a signing at the Lightspeed Fine Art Booth.

Pick up the phone.  Call your local bookstore and reserve your copy of The X-Files Season 10. Go directly there, pay for your purchase, and then begin reading.  Don’t even drive home, just read.

This beginning to Season 10 is AMAZING!  No spoilers here, but check out the photo in this article.  That’s Scully.

Scully’s in danger.

And wouldn’t you like to know why…

As for the mechanics of the comic book – the art work inside the comic book captures the essence of the characters. Of course it doesn’t match the depth of the artistry on the cover, but it’s good.  Really good.

The word choice is excellent.  I can hear Scully, Mulder, and Skinner speaking as I read the words.

The plot – Wow.  I’m not saying another word about it. Just wow.  Don’t let anyone talk to you about it and ruin the story.

Joe Harris and Michael Walsh have done an excellent work.

Just go buy one. Support the franchise, and have your copy (or two) to read and reread.

Then hit the XFU forums to discuss!  (Spoilers allowed there). Click HERE to go to the forums for the Season 10 series.

The mythology of X-Files was a convoluted plot that drove The X-Files series through nine seasons.  Interspersed with monster-of-the-week episodes, writers always returned to the heart of the show – Mulder and Scully’s quest for the truth.

IDW’s Season 10 will continue the mythology.  Writer Joe Harris, in an interview with, said, ” I really approached this gig as both a fan and a creator, honestly.  I kind of feverishly pecked out an outline and pitch for the first couple of years, really detailing an opening arc that would re-establish what The X-Files fans refer to as the “mytharc” — the overarching storyline involving extra-terrestrials and the conspiracy within the government to cover up their existence, the collaboration of certain powerful figures seeking to influence and steer things along, Mulder’s quest to discover the truth, Scully’s ordeal as both an abductee and miracle mother, and all that stuff.”

Harris also alluded to the fact that the comic series truly is a continuation of The X-Files.  “We’re doing canonical stuff in The X-Files Season 10.”  Chris Carter is working as Executive Producer of Season 10.

Joe Harris and Michael Walsh are the team creating Season 10 of The X-Files.

Fans are breathlessly anticipating holding the first IDW X-Files comic in their hands.  This fan expects hers on Wednesday, June 19, but delivery dates may vary from store to store.  Looking ahead to other issues, I see The Lone Gunmen, CSM,

Taken from the IDW homepage:

In the opening story arc, “Believers,” readers will catch up with Dana Scully and Fox Mulder, living normal lives together under secret identities. However, a visit from an old friend threatens to rip them from suburban anonymity, as they learn that someone is preying upon everyone involved in THE X-FILES. Prepare to revisit familiar faces-some very unexpected, threats old and new, and an intriguing mystery designed to return the beloved franchise to its former glory!

Fans can pre-order the comic books from INTER-COMICS.COM (the subscription exclusive variant, as well as the regular cover ),  Mega City Comics in the UK ( 6-issue subscription packages for The X-Files: Season 10, with the option of the regular covers or subscription variants), and Hastings may take orders, as well.

IDW posted covers for season 10 #1 of The X-Files.

At the Emerald City Comic Con, the creative team for the new X-Files comic book series from IDW were revealed, and this looks promising!

Best of all, Chris Carter is executive producer of the series!  Joe Harris is the writer, and happens to be a long-time fan of the show.  Michael Walsh is the illustrator, and this artwork looks fabulous! Mulder and Scully look gorgeous!

Read the exclusive article from Comic Book Resources HERE .

The storyline starts after I Want to Believe

courtesy RCR Media Group

David Duchovny in Phantom

David Duchovny’s new movie Phantom released March 1 in theaters across America.

Duchovny portrays “Bruni,” a mysterious KGB officer with a plan that could instigate World War III.  Ed Harris is “Demi” who must save the world from this fate.  This Cold War thriller takes place on a submarine, which is where Mulder found himself during End Game (The X-Files 2.17).

Reviews for the movie applaud the acting by Harris and Duchovny.

The film is rated “R” for violence and runs 1 hour and 37 minutes.

The X-Files Gillian Anderson has been cast as the lead in a new conspiracy series from NBC.  According to Reuters, “The pilot concerns an international conspiracy that pulls in Washington’s most powerful players.

An unlikely puppeteer brings everyone from CEOs to The President of the United States to their knees by threatening the things they hold most dear. Forced together by dire circumstances, these power brokers, the FBI and a rookie secret service agent must unravel the mystery to take back control of their lives.

The project comes from 20th Century Fox Television.”

We celebrate that Anderson will appear on American television again, but we must ask why Fox can’t see fit to bring Anderson and David Duchovny back together for a mini-series or a movie ?

Special Agent Dana Scully celebrates a birthday this month!  On February 23, Scully turns 49.  Hard to believe!
To honor this birthday, fans will gather in the X-Files Universe chatroom to watch episodes from season 4, when Gillian Anderson won an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series for her portrayal of Scully.

For our viewing pleasure, we’ll watch Scully and Mulder in
1. Leonard Betts
2. Memento Mori
3. Small Potatoes

The chatroom is located at HERE

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